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The Heuristic Squelch
Homestar Runner
The Onion
Something Awful
Vice Magazine

Boondocks (Yeah! I have cred!)
Diesel Sweeties
Garfield (No longer funny, but historically relevant.)
Get Fuzzy
Pearls Before Swine

Editoons (Mixed)
My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable (Unpredictable)
Penny Arcade (M-W-F)
Perry Bible Fellowship (Weekly)
Pokey the Penguin (Beyond Unpredictable)
Red Meat (Weekly)
Ann Telnaes (Weekly)


Blogs and Frivolities

Wives and other life-long attachments
Quiet Room (Meli)
Octopus Hat (John)

Squelch Foolz
Bigstupidjerkface (Zack)
CalJunket (Rebecca)
Carthage (Kristen, not actually from the Squelch)
Deep Frying and Ranting (Cynthia)
Doubting Tommaso (Tommaso)
Herbie the Love Blog (Kenny)
Mognet Central (Lydia)
VVV (Cassie)
Zembla (Sean)

The Irvine Contingency
Attack of the Z (Julie, not actually from Irvine)
Chuntastic (Chun)
Flores Family (Greg & Christine & their boy, Colin)
Shutter Monkey (Mary)

The Rest
Faith C. (Faith)
Mark of the Harlot (Paula)
Meish's Musings (Meishya)
Yalane (Maggie)

Anti-Ignorance Resources
The Straight Dope
Common Dreams
The Economist
The Internet Movie Databse

Bands I Like
They Might Be Giants
Tori Amos
Emm Gryner
Julie Plug
nine inch nails

Boalt Stuff
Berkeley Technology Law Journal
Creative Law Society

Long-Forgotten Ghosts of Linksmas Past
Slam Sucker (Ian et al do sketch comedy)
News By Bob (Boback's erstwhile news blog)
Locust, PA (Allen's blog)
The Rogue Turtle (Todd's blog)

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