November 11, 2002 - Club Slamwich

Needless to say it's been a week of many changes here at I Fought the Law. I've found a much more effective way of coloring the strips, courtesy of fellow online cartoonist Tom Sciortino. I'm not excatly sure what I'm doing or why it works, but it has something to do with the television show Alias. In addition to enbettereing the strips I've also used my newfound coloring powers to make a better logo (see above), and while on my aesthetic improvement kick I also went ahead and evened out the vertical alignment. So with the exception of the Docket weeks everything should look almost professional from here on out.

On to this week's strip. While I was satisfied in a karmic, philosophical sense that Girls Club crashed and burned after two of the measliest of episodes, I was slightly disappointed in that it marked the drying up of a fertile source of comedy for the likes of me. But I'll be damned if some sensible FOX executive is going to rob me of at least one joke at the expense of network television's latest feeble attempt at drawing in the bitter, battle-ready, upwardly mobile college girl demographic. So take that, David E. Kelly.

As for the actual merits of the show, I don't need to expound on how completely bankrupt it is in every way. There are those out there who are much more qualified at such things than I am. Instead I'll just pre-emptively respond to any wayward feminists out there who may take issue with my Girls Club anaylsis. I understand that things are difficult for the ladies, and by no means am I claiming otherwise. But if Mr. Kelly were genuinely interested in tackling social inequities via television, he might have chosen a more sympathetic cast of everywomen than three attractive, affluent, white San Francisco lawyers. On the other hand, if he were genuinely interested in ratings, nothing puts asses on couches like lesbian erotica. I'm firmly of the opinion that a few strategically-placed steambaths and tickle fights would have skyrocketed Girls Club to the top of the Nielsens.

I'm Matt Holohan, and that's what I'm talking about.

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