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After last week's logless bee spectacular I've returned with a thing or two to say about a thing or two.

First off, there's this week's stip, which marks the official devirginization of I Fought the Law into the print medium. The delightful six-frame bant-fest was printed in actual ink on actual paper and stuffed into nearly 1,000 actual student cubby holes as part of the latest issue of The Docket, UCLA Law's catch-all student publication. Despite the fact that it was heavily overshadowed by the horoscopes at the end of the paper, I've received positive feedback from the people in my section who read it. We're on our way now, baby.

Incidentally, the poor visual quality of the strip is due to the fact that I drew it, scanned it, sent it to the paper, didn't back up or upload it, and then my computer crashed, swallowing the original scan in a crushing cacophany of ones and zeroes. I was forced to re-scan it from the newspaper, so what you're seeing is a scan of a newsprint of a scan of a piece of printer paper. For the poor humorous quality I offer no explanation.

In other news, Saturday was gorgeous. It was the kind of Autumn day that reminds me why I love this time of year. The sun and clouds were dancing a slow, playful tango, switching back and forth between a gentle overcast and a cool, diffuse sunlight. As you may be able to tell, I love Autumn. Back in the days when I used to annoy the Daily Californian Opinion Page Editor on a regular basis I wrote an unpublished column about how much I love Autumn which has sadly also been lost, and at this point the only phrases I remember from the article are "hazy Autumn sunshine" and "undeniable womanness." But the point is, today was the kind of day that I've enjoyed ever since my earliest Autumn memory, walking with my dad through our El Toro neighborhood and seeing construction paper owls in the windows of our neighbors. Today was just that kind of day, a day meant for walking around and getting into lazy adventures, and I had the glorious privilege of enjoying the day through the library window.

But I'm not complaining. I knew what I was getting into. I'm just wondering when I'll have another October to myself.

In related news, I'm in the midst of a cite-checking assignment for UCLA's Entertainment Law Review, which I joined to get some exposure to intellectual property law. My diligent research eventually led me into the microfilm room, and you know what? I'm the model of incompetence when it comes to microfilm. I don't know what it is. I simply cannot get the goddamned machines to work. The workings are inevitably more complicated than any meager instructions the library feels generous enough to provide, and the little plastic levers never make happen what they're supposed to make happen. Why do we need microfilm at all? Why can't everything be microfiche? No moving parts there, just slap the stupid card under the stupid piece of glass and you're ready to learn.

So if anyone feels like visiting me in the north end of the UCLA Law Library and showing me how to make the machine do my bidding, I would greatly appreciate it.

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