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This is a blog about my life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Entries consist principally of boring stories about myself and pictures of my cats. I blog about non-confidential legal issues of national interest or of the man-sues-dog variety.

I do not blog about cases I am working on, have worked on, or may work on in the future. I don't blog about my job, co-workers, clients, or other people I encounter through my job. I also don't use my real name, or any real names if I can help it.

That being said, please enjoy.

1 Comment

Great blog--came across it while looking at a slideshow we created for a recent trip to Indonesia and discussing whether a friend of ours looks like the actress in Legally Blonde, then googled Reese Witherspoon images and came across your diagram detailing how she is not attractive (it was quite instructive--and our friend does not really resemble her).

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