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Holiday Physics


Here's a video where I use externally indistinguishable chocolate truffles to illustrate quantum mechanics. It's been like eight years since I studied quantum mechanics, so I'm sure this video is ripe for nitpicking, but the basic ideas are there, and you get to watch me eat truffles.

Hot Webcam Action

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My dad recently sent us a webcam so he can watch his grandson grow without having to actually visit us. I've discovered other uses for the webcam as well:

In case you're wondering, that is indeed the recorder that I got for my third-grade music class.

The Auto Bailout

Sent by a coworker:

big three auto bailout ad

Oh Hai I Upgraded My RAM

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Yesterday I doubled the amount of RAM in my three-year-old desktop computer, which has made a huge difference in performance, not surprisingly. The most noticeable improvements have been in the functioning of Adobe Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements, both version 7.0, which were maddeningly sluggish before the upgrade.

This weekend I've been screwing around with both programs, and here's what happened. I recommend watching this in high quality. I also welcome any suggestions as to how to not make YouTube videos look like crap.

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