The Lingering Stench of Failure

As I alluded to last week, SBA elections happened recently. Having learned nothing from my Student Advocate fiasco at the end of my Berkeley career, I ran for section 1/2 Representative on a very Squelch! Party-esque platform. My opponent was someone who not only ran a legitimate campaign but also actually wanted the position. Fortunately for everyone involved, unlike in my previous bid for public office, this time I didn't accidentally win. Congratulations to the new Section 1/2 Representative, whose name I will make it my business not to try and spell or pronounce.

On to this week's strip. Humor of this sort is arguably somewhat premature since at this point in the 1L experience I seem to be the only one in my class ballsy enough to actually surf the Internet during lecture, but the joke should still ring true to any non-1Ls who accidentally read it. I'll post a version of an actual personbehindmesucksass page in the days to come. For now, enjoy the smallness.

I've reached the point where law professors are making cameo appearances in my dreams. Last night one of my professors and I were making animated features using a process that inexplicably involved a mop. There remains little to be said.

Fuck this noise. I'm off to the beach!

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