Oh Man

Since we're moving in a little over a month I've been going through all my crap, and I just found a box of cartoons that I drew when I was in high school and middle school. Perusing these things has led me to the following conclusions:

(1) I can't draw any better now than I could nine years ago. In fact, my drawing seems to have gotten worse.

(2) While my drawing abilities haven't improved, I'm at least funnier now than I was as a teenager. But not by much.

(3) The characters of Kam and Claudio have always been with me, and I'm realizing now that they're basically elaborate rip-offs of Calvin and Hobbes.

I'll scan a few of the more bearable works in the coming weeks. In addition to the usual sequential humor I also found a handful of biting political cartoons that I drew for my high school newspaper. There are also a few Archie-style comic books based on my family, which will not have a second life in the digital realm because they are (1) drawn in light, faded pencil and (2) really, really bad.

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