West Side Gets Straight-Up Dissed by BigLaw

Hokay, here are the five most expensive cities to live in, according to this CNN article from June 2006, with annual cost of living:

1. Manhattan ($146,060)
2. San Francisco ($122,007)
3. Los Angeles ($117,726)
4. San Jose ($108,506)
5. Washington, D.C. ($102,589)

Here's the complete list of cities that are being routinely included in the current BigLaw salary boosts:

1. New York
2. Washington, D.C.

Here's a sampling of markets that are not currently being included in the salary boosts:

1. San Francisco
2. Los Angeles
3. Silicon Valley (which is where San Jose is)

Can't we bridge these east coast/west coast rivalries once and for all?

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