Shooting Fish in a Barrel / Bidi Bidi Bidi

Until tonight I thought the phrase "shooting fish in a barrel" referred to firing a gun into a barrel full of dead fish, not a barrel full of water with live fish in it.*

Also, Dr. M tonight told me that I remind her of Twiki from Buck Rogers, because every now and then I'll begin a statement with a string of very deep nonsense syllables before forming any actual words, a la Twiki's "bidi bidi bidi" verbal tic. I've never seen Buck Rogers.

When I was a young boy my grandfather bought me a four foot tall replica of Twiki, that was an inflatable robot on a set of motorized feet. It scared the everliving shit out of me and I never played with it. This is not representative of my grandfather's gift-buying acumen.

* According to an episode of Mythbusters we're watching right now, it is not actually clear which type of barrel-of-fish this phrase is meant to refer to. Good to know.

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