Bonus Cartoon Thursday!

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I realize as I write this that it's Friday in some parts of the country, but "Bonus Cartoon Friday" just doesn't have the same kick to it. I've tossed up a strip a propos of exactly nothing. It's something I drew about a year ago that never found a home. But I think it's a solid joke, so I decided to give it one. I figure the time to take such indulgences is now. I Fought the Law proper will return on Monday night when I get back from glorious San Francisco.

As I just alluded to, I'll be driving up the great state of California sometime this weekend. I'll decline to state the actual day that I'm leaving lest some rogue thief read this and decide to break into my apartment in my absence. Also, I'm taking all my valuables with me. The point is that, this being Labour Day Weekend and all, I'm in for a hoary sea hag full of traffic regardless of when I decide to make my escape. Accordingly I set out today to buy for myself a book-on-tape. Since length is the key, I figured my options were Lord of the Rings, The Bible, and The More Redundant and Non-Substantial Works of Ayn Rand. Arriving at my friendly neighborhood Waldenbooks I grabbed nine hours of The Iliad and was on my way.

Hey! You pipe. What the hell? There's, like, hardly any law school humor in this blog! Well...

We just learned the term res judicata in my civil procedure class, which is Latin for "adjudicated thing" or something along those lines. It refers to claims or issues that have already been litigated and can't be litigated again. It's like double jeopardy for car accidents. Anyway, for some reason after I read it but before I actually heard it pronounced by my professor I had it in my head as res judaica, which as far as I know means "Jewish thing." That's not very funny, but it's what I've got so far.

Next week are SBA elections. I'll have funny things to say about them. Jest you wait.

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you americans will never catch me sukers

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