Mulholland Jive

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I finally saw Mulholland Drive last night. The movie, not the street. Since I didn't like Lost Highway and I hated Dune I'm not sure what possessed me to give the latest lynchfest a shot, but I think I can sum up the essence of Mulholland Drive in a Squelch-style short conversation:

- This movie doesn't make any fucking sense.
- Be cool. There's lesbians.

All things considered I still think David Lynch's greatest accomplishment is The Angriest Dog in the World. It's simply not possible to come up with a better title for anything, let alone a comic strip.

Also, I'm wondering if anyone can explain to me why the Irish failed to discover vodka during the Commonwealth era. I mean, the English take everything but the potatoes, and you make whiskey? I'm not proud of my people.

1 Comment

I don't believe you, MH. A static commic strip versus Hollywood lesbians. I may not be a man, but this seems like an easy choice to me. You lie.

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