I'll Show You the Power... of Anger!


So this happened.

This kind of shit really, really, really pisses me off. In fact, there's not a single thing about it I don't hate. Let's go point by point.

I certainly don't consider myself to be a person governed by traditional morality, but even I get really angry when I hear about professors banging students. I'm not going to get on some high horse here, I'm just saying that, as inappropriate consensual sex acts between adults go, professor-student ranks pretty high on the list. If anyone out there is suffering from the delusion that the "single consensual encounter" between Dean Dwyer and the unnamed student was anything more than the indulgement of a pathetic power fantasy (on both sides), I'll point out that true love can wait until after graduation. So, it would seem, can sexual harassment reports (see below).

But really, it's the hearing about it that I mind more than the banging. The Daily Californian, shining bastion of journalistic incompetence, got something out of this that makes every newspaper editor drool: A banner headline with the word "sexual" in it. I'm increasingly glad that Berkeley continues to use its status as Home of the Free Speech Movement to fill its deplorable newspaper with cheap, non-substantive sex while student publications who push the limits of free speech in courageous, insightful ways are consistently swatted down by campus politicians.

And then there's our sainted victim, who was so deeply violated by the Big Bad Dean's sexual predation that she went right out and filed a report against him. Two years later.

That said, I'm not asking for much sympathy for Mr. Dwyer himself, who knew exactly what the fuck he was getting into, knew that to keep your job after getting head under your desk you have to be an extremely popular world leader, and should have kept it the fuck in his pants. But, to be fair, you can tell he's been deeply affected by this and has learned his lesson:

"I acknowledge that this reflected a serious error in judgment on my part and was inappropriate," Dwyer wrote in an internal memo to the Boalt Hall community. "I believe I can no longer effectively lead the school."

Accordingly, following his immature, inexcusable abuse of power, he promptly resigned from his position as head of one of the nation's leading law schools. Two years later.

I was going to turn this around into a light-hearted revenge plot against schools that rejected me, but after writing all of this I'm too depressed. Maybe a little later.


Ooh, look at me, I'm Matt and I'm against sexual assault. I don't support the commission of sex crimes. Way to take a stand. If anything warrants outrage it�s the one hundred sixty four years of racism that make up the sad, sad, history of the state of Michigan. Lewis Cass can suck a lemon.

lewis cass, the general and expansionist?

you know...after tamping down my inner feminist who was jerking her knee like a brazilian soccer player, I gotta say I'm not so against dean-sex. or any consensual sex between adults. because once you hit, say, eighteen or so, aren't you sort of through with that whole blind obedience and worship thing? so isn't it okay at that point?

mind you, I'm talking really consensual, nothing you're threatened or bribed into doing.

I can't agree w/ you, Didofoot. I have to say I'm staunchly against any romantic relations within power hierarchies. I'm not talking stuff like my job at Starbucks, where nothing really matters and no one gives a shit; I'm talking things like office jobs and law schools where the person higher up on the hierarchy has power over the future of the person they're banging. If you can negotiate it, fine, and I'm sure some people are mature enough to do that; but on the whole I don't think it's truly possible in the realm of human experience, and I think underlings deserve protection.

And another thing that I can't let slide. What the hell is Michigan doing with that Upper Peninsula? Look at a map, that clearly belongs to Wisconsin. Sure Wisconsin has a wealth of corn and cheese fed farmer's daughters weighing in just barely on the kind side of the three-hundred pound mark, but does this rich collection of fat chicks mean that they can't have their territorial integrity? I figure before we worry about giving the Palestinians their homeland back we look a little closer to home. Return the Upper Peninsula to the fat chicks that so richly deserve it! I blame Lewis Cass for this. Down with Michigan. That's my position, and there is much to be learned from it.

why not just make the peninsula its own state? that way, california could secede because nobody would want to have to make new flags.

because, you wouldn't need the extra star, see.

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