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The flush handle of the handicapped urinal in the second floor mens room of the UCLA law library is the funnest thing under God's Green Sky. It's SO big. I like to press it on the very tip, and watch as the extended lever arm allows me to apply the appropriate flushing torque with minimal effort. In my mind I envision the R vector crossing with the F vector and creating a great and mighty Tau, and I become wistful for the days when the only laws I needed to know where the laws of Physics, and the laws against statutory rape.

It's shiny and metal and flat. And when it hits home, a thoroughly satisfying swoosh of industrial-strength water pressure destroys the evidence. It really is, my friends, a thing of utmost beauty.

For some reason parties got a lot cooler after I left the Bay Area. Or maybe I just wasn't being invited to the cool parties while I lived there.

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I don't get it.

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