Disturbing Legal Fiction of the Day

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Here's what I learned in Property today.

Certain wills have provisions that depend on who dies first. So difficulties arise when people die at the same time, or in the same accident. But fear not, for The Law shall protect us.

To whit: If two people die in the same airplane crash and the provisions of a will depend on which one of them died first, the court will look at statistics related to death rates based on airplane seats to determine who was more likely to die first. So if A is sitting in the aisle seat and B is setting next to him in the window seat, and the plane crashes and burns, the court will rule as a matter of law that B died first.

Supposably the back of the plane is also safer than the front.

1 Comment

A word to the ladies: want to pick a fight with your man in 10 seconds? Question his explanation of the above with a well reasoned question he cannot refute yet cannot acknowledge.

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