A Google search for "gubment cheese" serendipitously turned up Onion World, a site I used to visit back in 199-fucking-7 during my viriginal experiences with high-speed Interweb access. Also, the Friends section of the same still includes a graphic portraying Angry 18-Year-Old Holohan in Onion form (called "Tok," short for "Tokamak"), linked to my long defunct original Web page. The title of the page was "Matt's Pessimistic Hate Page" and it won the Worst of the Web Award.

But I'm feeling much better now.


I think you need to re-serve that page. At least for a day or two. I mean, it was AWARD WINNING!

i'm pretty sure the page has been lost to the ages. though i still have the back-ups of "Matt's Silly Time Fun Page" and "MATTOnline."

I'm sorry, can I get a judge's ruling on "Gubment Cheese"? Huh?

I did a search for 'gubment cheese' and this site turned up. Damn, boy, that be some gooood cheese!

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