But You Can't Beat the View

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We'll have to add exploding water balloons full of pig's blood to the list of things I can't draw. Oh, well. I'm learning.

My first week at the summer job has drawn to a close. There was a bomb scare on the first day, but not in our building. The police found a suspicious package, blocked off the intersection of Westwood and Wilshire, and apparently made some arrests. Meanwhile the other interns and I were loitering around the lobby before being evacuated to a nearby Denny's parking lot. Very exciting. Two days later there was another bomb scare, but only one building was evacuated and no streets were blocked off. So now, of the four buildings at the intersection, two have been threatened with explosives, and my building has yet to get its turn.

But I have my own office! Woo! Bears! It has my name on it and everything. It's on the tenth floor and affords me an opportunity to stare down blouses from on high. Fortunately for my productivity and the breasts of Westwood my desk faces away from the street, so I can only make use of the window on widely spaced work breaks. If I ever come back for a permanent position I'm hoping to get an office overlooking the cemetery.

1 Comment

Yummy.. looking down Blouses is always a good time. You should get a camera and point it out your window and down so you won't miss a thing. And then you should list them on here. yea forget the comic strip although I do love it. Put pictures of boobs.... forget about it... your traffic will go up soo much...

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