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*With apologies to allenhaim.

Tomorrow in First Amendmenter we're doing Edwards v. Aguillard, where a Louisiana statute requiring the teaching of creation science was struck down as unconstitutional under the Establishment Clause. I've decided that during the classroom discussion I'm going to do everything I can to out-crazy the class' resident maniac conservative. I'm not going to argue that fossils were caused by the pressure of Noah's flood. No, I'm going to argue that they were placed on Earth by Satan to trick us.

Other phrases I'm hoping to work in are "the Soviets took God out of the classroom," "Darwin repented on his deathbed," and "American Crazy Lunatics Union." I welcome any further suggestions.


I'm going to get a little abstract here. When I read this post it brought to mind a quote. Its the last sentence in the article I've linked. Substitute the word Holohan for Clay.

Good luck with that!

Point out that there are some many different theories of evolution that they all cancel out! Therefore, God and the bible invented the earth.

Wear a Tee shirt that has a darwin fish eating a jesus fish. That pisses them off really well.

Thats is a great idea. There are people who really belive the part about Satan 'planting fossils'. Like my ex-in-laws. Let us know how it tunred out.

Even better, how about this: tell 'em God created the fossils and carbon-dated artefacts just 6,000 years ago, as a true test of faith for believers!

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