This One Ain't Too Good


Some may say that colds don't have anything to do with law school, but everyone on campus seems to have one in some form or another so there must be some kind of connection. I managed to dodge all the viruses and germs and beasties flying around campus, I even managed to avoid the flea that has beset our neighbor's cat, but there was no escape from the disease that my own fiancee brought into our home. My immune system held strong for nearly a week before my throat started to dry and my voice started to low. And now we're both sick, and it sure is fun.

Even my Corporations professor is under the weather, and oddly enough the hoarseness and deeperness of his voice as he battles the vapors makes his Israeli accent that much sexier. What would be even sexier is if he could express to us with any degree of clarity the role of the waste doctrine in corporate law duty of care.

Observation: Dayquil, by its own terms, doesn't do anything for sneezing and nose running. So if you want a dry shnoz you're going to have to sleep on it. It pays to check labels.

Short conversation, this morning at around 10:00 a.m.:
Girl in my Securities class: My boyfriend's sick.
Me: Yeah, I've got a cold, too.
GIMSC: No, I mean he's in the hospital.
Me: I wasn't finished talk about me.

Is ginger ale really necessary now that we have caffeine-free soda?


It's not always a caffeine thing. Monica drinks ginger ale mixed with Jack Daniels.

That happens to be my second favorite cocktail (after the venerable G&T.) Some Bourbon, some ginger ale, a splash of bitters...

My grandmother's home remedy for a cough/sore throat was a cup of strong lipton tea with lots of honey and lemon. Oh yeah. And a shot of Jim Beam...

i'm sure monica will be thrilled to see herself referenced in my crappy blog that nobody reads.

but at least my URL works! boo yeah!

i'm very interesting about these ideas. May you tell me how I could make public law less unfunny? I work in Italian University.
Thank you. Silvia nicodemo

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