My first semester back at Berkeley is about to come to an ungratifying end. After discussing the issue of why this semester has sucked so hard with the few people on campus willing to talk to me, the general consensus seems to be that the first semester of the 2L year is universally sucky, mainly because of the added stress of OCI. The people who say the first year is the hardest are underestimating the ability of law students to adapt to new educational environments. Once you get the swing of things the first year hain't that bad. But the second year is kicking my ass in ways I never could have imagined.

But there is hope. Now that the summer job(s) (a)is(re) secure(s) there won't be much to worry about next semester, apart from my continued inability to integrate into the greater law school community. And then there's third year, that glorious time when grades truly don't matter and you live life in the shadow of the bar exam, which you don't really have to start worrying about until summer anyway. But just to be sure that third year is as easy as possible I'll be taking a dickload of units next semester and hopefully get this god-damned writing requirement overwith, assuming I can come up with a paper topic that doesn't get laughed out of the fucking room by every professor within earshot.


What Matt meant to mention also is the fact that he'll be blissfully, blissfully married, and all his worries and cares will forever be over because he'll have joined in nuptial bliss with his personal answer to prayer. Or something like that- I'm not the writer in the family.

Here's a topic for you: Where the hell are my flip down shades?

congratulations on impending -stuff-. and a "hear, hear" to meli would not be inappropriate. (since you still aren't married and i can dispense advice)


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