You know, I like songs about vaginas as much as the next guy. By which I mean not at all. And that's why I've lost all patience with Tori Amos. Okay, sure, "Cornflake Girl" was fine because it was about female genital mutilation (as opposed to so-called male genital mutilation) and that's a serious issue. And I can even handle "Raspberry Swirl" because it shifted the focus from the sexual parts of the female anatomy viewed as pleasing to men to the one that's pleasing to women. And that's empowering, because everything that women do is empowering. But what the hell is the story with "A Sorta Fairytale"? Is she just slipping in genital imagery to see if she can? Why would you pull back the hood while you're driving? If you're going for a metaphor there it would be the top. I pulled back the top. If you're pulling back the hood of the car while driving you've got some problems. Unless you're talking about the kind of hood you wear on your head, in which case what the hell does that mean?

I mean, really.


Non sequitor-- the title of this blog reminds me of first year of college when the hip thing to do was take one of those "VIRGINIA" stickers you're supposed to put on your car and turn it into "I A VIRGIN". Ahhh, college.

I was reviewing the daily list of newly posted "Contracts for the torture, mutilation, and death of hated induviduals." I noticed that your name had been added to the list, and accepted by "10,000 screaming, college first-year, taking-Women's-Studies-101 women." Please, for the love of all that is holy, run and hide. Run and hide.

Turns out women are so empowered that they need more places to go to the bathroom than men do.

Guess that's the drawback to being so empowered.

Still her best album bar none...

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