Greetings from Berlin


Meli and I are killing time in the Ostbanhof train station in Berlin before our train to Munich, and we just bought 2 Euros worth of internet time apiece. So for those of you who've e-mailed me I won't have time to answer just yet, especially considering the fact that I'm spending most of my time adjusting to this god-damned European kezboard.

I have a lot of emotional things to say about the last few days and the coming week, so I won't get into them now. Besides, I may as well wait until I can post some of our honeymoon pictures (watch for the "zu den Affen" pic). Instead, let me just say this: My German is terrible.

As a case in point, consider my experience at the pharmacy, or "Apotheke" this morning. My annual sore throat doesn't care that I'm on my honeymoon, so on our way out of the hotel this morning we stopped for some drugs. I managed to explain to the pharmacist about my Halzschmerz and bought some lozenges and multivitamins. What I didn't get from the pharmacist or the label of the multivitamins was that they were alka-seltzer style tablets instead of chewables, which I realized only after my mouth was overtaken by fizzing, chalky disgustingness. I also couldn't get our cabdriver to explain why there are so many giant plaster bears around Berlin.

But I'm having a wonderful time. We're heading into Munich this afternoon, and after a few days there it's on to Spain until the first. I'll come back with lots of pictures and more embarassing stories (including the one about me having my fly open for half the wedding photos).


And Merry Christmas to everyone!

Hey guys, let me know if you're still in Munich, I used to live there and have friends that would probably be ever more than happy to take you guys out some evening. I'll email you the specifics.

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