H is for Hot

My non-grading law school has just released our grades, and some of us are more excited than others. Given the fact that anything you're going to accomplish with your grades is pretty much accomplished by the end of your third semester, at this point the grades serve no purpose other than pure vanity. Or crushing blows to your self-confidence, as the case may be.

In other news, I spent last week trying to decide on the fourth class in my schedule. Option one was a four-unit Entertainment Law class that would involve two papers over the course of the semester and providing input and feedback on other students' papers. The other was a two-unit pass/fail (actual pass/fail, not Boalt's normal pretend pass/fail) Advanced Securities Law Seminar that would involve sitting around talking about securities for two hours a week. For various reasons, hubris being among them, I went with Entertainment Law, knowing that the odds of me being among the handful of students responsible for the first assignment were small. Well, not small enough. I have a memo due Monday morning and I'm no longer going to Tahoe this weekend.

I suppose I should get used to my plans being thwarted by the Law, but I was hoping for at least another year of youthful carefreedom. Next year, no pants.

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