Super Neato Nerd


My lifelong ambition of making fourteen-year-old girls swoon has come to fruition. Check out what they're saying over to The Fabulous Life of Amanda:

......Ok ladies (or guys....I'm not one to judge) I've just read a story about a guy who is a super neato nerd! Take a gander at it.....

....All I have to say is HOT AND BOTHERED!

I'm like a Backstreet Boy now. In my own little way.


I don't know what to say about a husband who has his own groupie. "Congrats" doesn't quite seem appropriate.

That's really cute that you have a groupie. I wonder if there's any non-gross way to take advantage of that, like getting her to intern for you for free when she gets a little older or something...

Wow.. The women here have no creativity. Make her your slave in Klingon fashion. She likes your Klingon story, so while making love to her break her arm or Donkey punch her.. I mean come on.. And if your wife doesn't approve.. I will do the honors...

You're going to make love to matt and donkey punch him? Can I watch?

I might have to make you pay for seeing that Meli. Although you will get a spouse discount.

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