Fake Jury Duty, Anyone?


All right, kids, here's the deal. I need at least two volunteers to help me out next Thursday, March 4th, in my trial class. Your obligation will be for a total of 100 minutes beginning at 6:00 p.m. The location will most likely be Boalt Hall on the Berkeley campus, but it may be the federal courthouse in San Francisco (near City Hall). Volunteers will be pretend jurors for a voir dire and opening statement exercise. You'll do voir dire (that's where the students/fake attorneys ask you questions to see if they want you on the jury) for 40 minutes, listen to opening statements for another 40 minutes, and then deliberate and critique for 20 minutes. There's no full trial, just the voir dire and opening.

You'll be dealing with me for a total of 20 minutes (10 minutes of voir dire questions and a 10 minute opening statement). The rest of the time will be taken up by three other students.

What's in it for you, you ask? Well, in addition to being able to criticize me openly in a room full of my peers, I've arranged a lovely selection of prizes from which you can choose one:

Option 1: I take you out for drinks and appetizers!

Option 2: I take you out for coffee and pastries!

Option 3: I show you my balls!

If you're interested, please e-mail me if you have my e-mail address, or just comment here. Come on, people! It'll be fun!


I'll do it matt.

And I think you know which of the 3 prizes I'm going to choose.

I'm assuming I can bring a digital camera to the prize ceremony.

I will also do it.

mock trial nerds unite!

I'd be down for some voire dire... but only if I don't have to actually "voire" any balls.

Hmm... maybe you don't want me for this... I can't even spell voir right.

thanks, folks. you three would be a great team if the class is held in the courthouse. especially kristina, what with the hastings and all.

and yes, gene, you can take as many pictures of the beer and nachos as you want.

I could make it out to Boalt by 6:00 on a Thursday. I get out of CivPro at 3:30 and there's no free beer this coming Thursday, so it'll be nice to still get my free drink on... and learn a little about jury selection procedures.

what i meant to say is you guys will be a great time no matter what, but it'll be especially convenient for you all if it's in SF. i'll let you know the de-tailz.

I just want to see balls. Is that cool?

in a moment which paul little realized would open a whole new world to him, he tentatively posted his first shy, uncertain question on a gay BBS.

Take it from somebody who has actually SEEN them (and I'm sure Meli will back me up here) Matt's sack is NOT to be missed!

In other news I had a dream this morning wherein Matt was a law student by day and a firefighter by night...

Okay, John? That last comment just TOTALLY creeped me out.

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