I Hate Belle and Sebastian


"But how can you hate Belle and Sebastian? They never even get played."

"Back in my heyday on the Squelch, whenever there were at least three Squelch people together, Belle and Sebastian was playing. It didn't matter where we were or what was going on. All it took was three. In fact, if two Squelch people were walking down Telegraph and ran into a third Squelch person, Belle and Sebastian would start playing. That's all it took.

"So yes. I really, really hate Belle and Sebastian."


In that case, I'm glad I never attended Squelch meetings.

I think maybe all of you could learn a little something from the story of the fox in the snow.

Kristina, you should have been there for the pre-Holohan era of Squelch meetings. No Belle & Sebastian, just trip-hop, weed-smoking, and interminable online arguments about feminism. Truly, those were the glory days.

I thought it was a fine party. Good chips.

not to mention the bisexual girls making out in the back of the room.

(note: this comment applies to both sean and cooper's comments.)

Belle and Sebastian are scum. I truly hate them. It makes me happy to see that there is someone else out there who despises them. This guy I used to live with used to play them non-stop for weeks and months on end. I was convinced that if the house had ghosts that would try to trick us into killing each other that they would sound like belle and sebastian. All the ghosts would need to do to sound exactly like that awful vocalist is just mumble and try to sound French. That is their hook, right? Mumble, try to sound french, and play discordant kitsch... profit!!!

I hate hate hate hate belle and sebastian. I can't wait for the news that they've been hit by a truck or died of heroin overdoses. I'll go get an ice cream cone to celebrate and start filling my bladder in anticipation of pissing voluminously on their graves.

i like belle and sebastian.

I like belle & sebastian. You're a bitch's bastard. I hope that when the band dies of being hit by a truck while high on heroin, and you're stuffing your dyspeptic and overswelled bladder, you waddle down the sidewalk underneath a dangling anvil and...well. Some kind of situation with excessive voluminousness.

I don't even want to think about what kind of perverted capitalistic kitsch trash you listen to. When you die of a bullshit overdose, I will be listening to Belle & Sebastian. So you lose.


I can't think of anything that has made a difference in my like quite like a mixture of belle and sebastian...with Oprah.

After a hard day of bisexual makeouts and suckling tigers from my teat, I like to relax with Oprah followed by a little Belle and Sabastian.

Belle and Savastian I love you.

thank god i hate belle and sebastian and people who call them belle and seb and the fact that every fucking person i've ever gone out with loves them. GOD they're so crap. more than anything i hate underfed indie kids who love them and sit about in a weird frail way and talk about how evocative and innocent they are WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKglk;dsn.

Bring me the head of Stevie Jackson! I hate Belle and Sebastian as well, so glad to see other like minded people. Feed them to the tigers!

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