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I'm filling the gaps in my weekly schedule slowly but surely. This stupid thing commemorates the fact that I beat Chrono Trigger this weekend, and I decided to do a strip about it since I probably won't, in fact, go back in search of the lesbian cave girl ending. It's not inked because Molly liked the way the time-traveling aeroplane looked in pencil form, and I knew that inking it would only fuck it up. Also, I'm lazy. Though the drawing of the ship is done by me, the design is proudly horked from the instruction booklet that came with the game, the graphics from which are posted at various fansites. So there you have it. An unfinished, self-indulgent strip about a 16-bit RPG that came out in 1996. No doubt exactly what you're looking for in your webcomic experience.

Slightly more effort went into strip number two, which documents my frustration with a few of my more math-anxious classmates. I understand that not everyone took two years of calculus, but come on. Just multiply the goddamn denominators already.

Some later day of this week will feature a more self-effacing strip about my upcoming struggle with the State Bar of California.


we're number fun. hee.

Ah, the bear one is real, real good. I had great difficulties coming up with award estimates duing my contracts final last semester... forcing my professor to scrawl question marks with funny faces over my attempts to apply simple damages formulas. Also, the video game references are totally over my head.

Perhaps it's because I'm suffering through Professional Responsibility at the moment, or because I'm a gossip addict, but I'm really interested to know what your deal is with the Cal Bar and the good moral character requirement... but maybe I don't really want to know...

Matt once killed a hobo and hid the body in a dumpster behind the Bing Wong Laundromat.

The fun part is, even after the MPRE, you still need to know ethics crap for the Bar. (It's a favorite cross-over topic.)

I really do like Harvey the Number Bear. I like the Chrono Trigger one too, actually, and it's not *just* because I'm slowly sliding further into the world of geekdom...

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