My 26th Birthday Party-Thing


I broke tradition this year and celebrated by birthday early (I usually do it after Halloween, if at all). Pictures from the hoo-ah are here. Miraculously I managed to get the whole album uploaded in the right place with a title and captions and everything without pestering Gene with my ignorant questions and mistakes.

Mad props to everyone who showed up, to the very resilient girl who spent most of the party studying right in the midst of us, and everyone who wrote snazzy captions in the Slam Book. Extra special props to Meli, for the snazzy Slam Book and the earth-shattering chocolate-chip pumpkin bread. No props at all to he I-House staff members who threatened to call the police on us and, after that failed, showered us with guilt and condescention. Heartfelt apologies to Sean, whose generous gift of imported Pepperidge Farm cookies somehow didn't make it back home with us. I can only hope they ended up in the accordion somehow.


i second the pumpkin bread props. meli, email me the recipe, will you?

I posted the recipe here for those who are interested!

sweet. i know what i'll be eating solely for the next six months.

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