An Open Letter to KNEW


[The part about us both being conservative was an embellishment for effect. To add your support for The Phil Hendrie Show, please e-mail those bastards at Clear Channel at]

Dear KNEW,

We are extremely disappointed with your decision to drop "The Phil Hendrie Show" from the KNEW line-up. We have been fans of Phil for several years, and after we relocated to Northern California we were delighted to learn that Phil was available on an SF station. Needless to say, the news of his departure was very upsetting.

AM radio is literally overrun with conventional conservative talk. While we consider ourselves to be conservative and appreciate the conservative viewpoint, we only need to hear the daily Republican talking points so many times in a day. Your existing line-up of Armstrong & Getty, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, and Michael Savage more than satisfy the Bay Area's need for conservative thought.

Phil Hendrie is one of the few remaining entertainment-oriented personalities on AM radio. Frankly, he's the only AM radio personality we've managed to find that is actually creative. His innovative humor has an appeal that's lacking both in the television medium and elsewhere on the radio spectrum. And because Phil is a conservative Democrat, his limited political content appeals to a much broader audience than other hosts in your line-up, thus affording your advertisers the benefit of a broader listening public. Replacing Phil with yet another conservative mouthpiece is a blow both to the quality of radio entertainment and intellectual diversity on the air.

We hope that you will reconsider your decision to drop Phil's show from your line-up. We have enjoyed listening to Phil Hendrie on KNEW for over a year and, frankly, once he's gone our radio dial will likely never land on your station again.




I share your pain. Henrie ruled. I sent KNEW an email in protest.

I couldn't believe it. I was ready for my drive home and tuned into KNEW expecting Phil Hendrie and who do I hear? Bill O'Rielly!! What a disappointment.

putting o'reilly in the 7-10 slot is especially bizarre given the fact that o'reilly's tv show is seen on the west coast at 5:00 and 8:00. how much freakin' o'reilly do our evenings need?

I was having withdrawals yesterday when i tuned in and it was the leprecon!

I listened to Phil every night - infact gave up TV @ night just to hear his show!
Now i dont even watch TV @ all.

I look forward to his show everynight!

Well i found the LA station here in berkeley but it's very weak.

Johnny Beane

No reason to listen to KNEW any more. Phil rocks.
What is that LA station?

KFI 640. It comes in pretty well in the Berkeley-Oakland-Alameda area, but you lose it under overpasses and when you drive past big metal structures and what-not. And power lines. Having a powerful receiver helps.

Hendrie rocks -- O'Reilly is a terrible replacement, and a phony conservative to boot. KNEW, get a clue! You are heading the way of KSFO!

In South Bay and Santa Cruz / Monterey areas you can pick him up on AM 1080

Phil Hendrie show was the thing I used to look forward to after an ardous day at work. The humor is so creative. Its a shame that show is discontinued.

Phil Hendrie show was the thing I used to look forward to after an ardous day at work. The humor is so creative. Its a shame that show is discontinued.

Sad to see you have dropped The Phil Hendrie show. I'll be listening to KGO for now on.

C'mon guys - Phil Hendrie is a creative genius and you're taking him off the air? Surely art and quality should matter a little.

Phil Hendrie is many years ahead of his time, he is the format for quality comedy, he taught me how to have a sense of humor again. Please put him back on KNEW!

Get Phil's Back stage pass.
You get the whole show in mp3.
Phil Hendrie RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Beane


Phil is off the air now.
He's doing tv shows.
He does podcasts on his site also so
get his backstage pass!!
You will be glad you did.


Check out

For all the Phil you'll ever need, make sure to get a backstage pass and you can listen to all the audio. Never rely on radio execs to do the right thing.

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