One of an Exceedingly Large Number of Pointless Blog Entries About the Election that Will Be Posted by Bloggers Across the Country Today that You Absolutely Should Not Read Under Any Circumstances


Two things.

(1) For a minute there it looked like there might be an electoral vote tie, in which case the House would get to pick the President. The House would have picked Bush, which would have been AWESOME. A guy appointed President, twice(!), by two different branches of the federal government. You can't make this shit up.

(2) It looks like Prop 72 is failing in California, which was really all I was hoping to get out of this election. Way to go, California.

(3) Steve's taping an(several) episode(s) of Jeopardy! today. Good luck, Steve!

(4) I lied. There were three things.


No, there were two things.

Steve is gonna be on Jeopardy!
I hope you kicked ass!

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