Nothing About This Product Makes Any Sense



Kids L[heart]ve Em!

So they use the apostrophe in the product name "Chick'n" but don't in "Em".


I bet they're full of egg whites, too. Czyk'inn patties always are. Bastards.

but guys, dinosaurs. dinosaurs!

"Em" is short for Emily. It means "Kids Love Emily."

I've been wanting to try dino nuggets (meatful ones, not these crazy Chick'n Nuggets, which I assume are made with chickpeas rather than chicken) for ages, but Zack keeps stopping me from buying them. ZACK, of all people, stopping me from buying chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs. I think something is wrong with the world.

what i hate most of all about soy products is that they try to be something they're not. wanna be chicken that pretends it's a dinosaur, that's just too much. although my motto is: anything is good if you fry it

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