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Since I missed out on such games in high school and college, I've joined a law school game of Squirt Gun Assassins, organized by The OC at Boalt. The OC at Boalt as an extremely silly club dedicated to a primetime soap opera which in its first year of operation established a fellowship that was presented by Peter Gallagher himself. All proceeds from the assassin game go to said fellowship. It's unclear whether Peter will return to present the award to its next recipient.

After a week of stalking and evading I'm still alive and have killed one person. The person who was hunting me made the extremely subtle move of coming by the BTLJ office -- three times -- and claiming to be delivering a package to me from my friend "Mary." Yes, because everyone gets packages at law school. Apparently this guy has since been killed, and a new unidentified person is watching my every move, waiting for me to reveal a weak spot. As for my current target, I had the perfect opportunity to nail her on Thursday, except that I had forgotten my gun at home that day. So far I've staked out a Women's Law Journal meeting and an Evidence class. My target skipped the former and the latter was canceled. Meanwhile my sidearm is significantly worse for wear, leaking all over my pocket and shooting about 45 degrees to the right. Perhaps I've been sabotaged by the horrible White people of The OC.

In closing I'd like to call everyone's attention to the fact that the title of this strip/post is not only the second They Might Be Giants reference but also the first to contain two occurrences of the word "ass."

I should also point out that I saw Sean perform his stand-up humorousness last night, and he rocked the muthafuckin' house.

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