3L Blues


At some point I'll get back to weekly stripping, thereby obviating the need for strips to share blog entries. But for now, there are two new strips posted - parts one and two of what will ultimately be a four- or five-part story. I'll save more comprehensive explanatory blogging for when the story is complete and my philosophical kvetchings about my impending doom will have more context.

There may also be a stand-alone version of Part Two in the works, identical to the original in every respect except for Claudio's dialogue bubble. The main reason I'd do this is to provide something for Boalt Briefs, which hasn't published in like a hundred years at this point but is nonetheless about to be written up in one of the numerous daily legal newspapers that no one ever reads.

In the meantime, I'll be enjoying my donuts and coffee in miserable peace. Later on, bitches.


In the first two frames it looks like he's wearing a t-shirt with a Wu Tang Clan emblem on it. In the third frame the mysterious brown object reveals itself to be a cookie. But for a while there I had hope.

fuck you. it's a donut.

Yeah, totally a donut. You know... I think I've seen that tall, hooded guy hanging around the second floor of Hastings' 198 building...

Does this mean the strip will be ending when you graduate?

the strip will either end or be renamed to something with fewer back-of-the-mouth vowel sounds. i'll keep you posted.

that first one is fantastic. if i were of a different generation, i would cut it out of the newspaper i found it in and put it on my fridge. as it is i will just like it.

This has nothing to do with the comic itself. I was searching, found a note in one of your comment sections on a Paradise Lost adaptation. I'm doing a project on adapting Milton into visual media. Would you mind sending me a copy? Please email. Time is of the essence.

This also has nothing to do with the comic. I was just realizing that you owe me some flip down shades. Would you mind sending me those flip downs? Please ship. Spring break is nearly upon us.

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