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The new goddamn U.S. News rankings are out. Boalt has regained some footing after last year's tumble from grace, edging up two points to number 11. So I got in to a Top 10 law school (on the second try, anyway), but I won't be graduating from one. Razzafrackin'...

Last year I got a lot of classmates giving me the business about how UCLA was going to pass Boalt in the rankings, thereby turning me into an enormous chump. The danger was indeed salient last year, when the gap tumbled from six (10-16) to three (13-16). Fortunately, UCLA advanced only one spot despite having a bad-ass faculty and a library that would make William Rehnquist giggle like a schoolchild. So the gap didn't narrow any further, and it got some of its bigness back (it's now 11-15). UCLA still has more hot girls, though. And I believe their graduate division isn't in the habit of giving out their students' social security numbers to petty thieves.

And I just realized that I'm wearing my UCLA Law shirt today. Fancy that.


If Asimow contributes to the "bad ass"edness of our faculty, then the rankings must be flawed in some fundamental way. P.S. Where my flip downs at?

I gave them to U.S. News to bribe them to move you guys up in the rankings. They were less effective than I thought.

Happy birthday, by the way.

I just looked that the US News rankings, and it says Boalt is lucky #13. However, your school is much better than mine, which is rated #38. Go Sharks!

The online rankings haven't been updated yet. A discussion (and scan) of the new print issue is available here.

I got into a top seven school but instead will be graduating from one that doubled its prices in three years. Quit your whining.

Oh, you didn't want to live in Filthadelphia. Besides, who would want to go to a school founded by that fat pervert Benjamin Franklin? Invented electricity indeed!

Actually more than filth or Franklin its the connections to Nicholas Biddle that were the true turn offs.

I stand corrected... and my school's been demoted to #39. Today's going to be a great day.

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