I'm still a few weeks behind on the strips proper but I went ahead and added a new section to the main IFTL site -- The Notebook. It contains a few dozen rough sketches from my lecture notes that you may or may not be interested in. There are also some hints in there about the post-J.D. future of the strip.


Those are great!
I (of course) esp. like Claudio (even with the "stupid hair.")
The Sharkvark is also very cool!

'whale riding a bicycle' has got to be my most favoritest one. or at least the one that made me snort boogies onto the keyboard.

...just kidding about the boogies thing. but not the snorting part.

Clearly you need to incorporate more monsters into your strip.

Was the whale-riding-a-bike adapted from or inspired by the Tick's Blowhole? Because that's what I think of when I think whales with legs who travel long distances over land.

Also, don't dismiss Claudio's terrible hair so rashly. I like it.

How come the Liti-gator isn't under the category of monsters?

I think the whale's inspiration comes from Sponge Bob's Pearl if it comes from anywhere. But who knows. I guess I don't like Claudio's hair in that one drawing because I drew the other one first, and I think the hair looks a lot better there. I just didn't have the body right.

As for the Liti-Gator, I'll probably use him as a character in the next incarnation of the comic strip, so he's a monster as well as a cartoon.

Did Corporate Associate Ellen use part of her fat salary for breast implants?

No, they were part of the signing bonus. Helps bring the clients in, you know.

Could the hobbit goblin also have been inspired by the cheshire cat?

I'm inspired by a lot of things, but not pedophilic LSD trips.

initially i misread "hulking claw guy" as "hiking claw guy." i thought, how nice to give his monster a hobby.

The Blowhole episode has to be one of the top ten Tick episodes ever.

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