Prolonging the Magic


Oh snap! Take that, Haas! I straight called you savages!

Yes, this week we have all the trappings of a crappy comic strip. The tie-in to an abandoned storyline from a few weeks ago, the outdated expression creating the heavy-handed set up, the unjustified dig at Berkeley's "other" professional school, and even an awkward imported embossed graphic. And I also made Kam's pants the wrong color. As I said before, I'll never be a newspaper cartoonist.

Funny story, though. I was sitting in my Crim Pro classroom about twenty minutes before the start of class, inking the very strip linked above, when the professor showed up for his usual pre-class millabout. Without seeing the strip he asked if I was a 3L or a 2L, and when I told him I was a 3L he asked, "So, are you getting out of here after graduation or are you going to try to find a way to stay in school?" And that's the tooth.

I actually wouldn't mind having an M.B.A. Or at least being in an M.B.A. program. I've certainly had a lot of practice railing against the Chicago School as a law student and I imagine business school would present the opportunity for much more focused attacks. Plus, I feel that I'm at the point in my career where adding more letters after my name will help me rather than hurt me. So who knows. I may prove to be a Haashole yet.


Those oh Snap thingys are going to haunt my dreams

Sometimes I feel bad for the Chicago School. I mean, they have to live in a city whose nickname comes from all the "hot air" its politicians are known for, but everyone thinks it's just really windy there. Either way, they can't have a good self-image. We, on the other hand, live in a much windier place, but our tourists come here without jackets because this is "sunny California." Anyway, if you really want to live among the reject savages, you should come get your LLM at Hastings. I just found out today that we're not a UC "campus" and only tenuously affilated with the UC system... we're the Marshall Islands of UC's. That made me sad.

Some people find solace in an eight-year Ph.D/MD program, if they *really* never want to leave school.

The second Oh Snap graphic is even more disturbing when you realize that the two guys are the same guy.

No good man!!! I didn't look at them in detail on purpose. Now I won't be able to sleep for weeks.

zonker harris from doonesbury also managed to stay in college for like 20 years, so kam has a good shot i'd say. but you are screwed.

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