More Peanut Humor from The Onion

This week's Onion has another peanut allergy news brief:

Rapidly Swelling Man May Contain Traces Of Peanuts
PENSACOLA, FL—Lance Kiser, the host at the Erewan Thai restaurant, informed fellow employees Monday that the bloated, choking man at table four may contain trace amounts of peanuts. "Warning: The dark-haired businessman who very suddenly began experiencing shortness of breath, confusion, and slurred speech may contain trace amounts of peanuts," Kiser said. "He definitely ate a plate of chicken curry prepared in the same facility as dishes containing peanuts and/or other nuts." The purple-faced, swelling man declined comment.

I must say that I like this piece from about a year ago better, since it's sillier. Stay tuned for further chronicaling of online peanut allergy humor as it comes.

Oh, and there's also a nice article about horrible little children who grow up to be college humor magazine editors.

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