Six Degrees of Ham and Cheese


Preliminarily, I've been criticized for not giving the latest strip a proper announcement. Here it am! It's not very good and is not deserving of its own blog entry, let alone two blog entries and a comment.

In other news, Molly and I went to a barbecue yesterday. No, it gets better. At this barbecue was a fellow who thought he recognized us at first, but quickly let the matter drop. Only after I made an off-handed remark about the law did he perk up and recite our full names and explan why he knew us. For you see, not only was this man the friend of a friend of the sister of the friend of Molly's who was hosting the barbecue, he was also none other than our own Brian Danny, in the flesh. And some clothes. But not much hair.

So yeah. That was odd. But cool. Nice meeting you, Brian/Danny, and we'll stop by Venus the first chance we get.


It was a pleasure to meet you both, finally...probably for what wasn't actually the first time, but if none of us remember prior encounters, it's no shame.

Weren't you all at 140 Noe on Halloween? Now, since someone's remembering it, you can feel ashamed.

Halloween came up, but I think Meli and I left before Danny got there. Or we just didn't remember each other, in which case, yes, shame.

you were all three at new year's. i offer this factoid.

Danny looks completely different with hair.

Also, proximity does not imply acquaintanceship.

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