Striving to Put Right What Once Went Wrong


A combination of a kick-ass performance on the simulated MBE last week and the fact that this is a holiday weekend has inspired me to put down the books for a while and make a comic strip. It's the largest strip I've ever posted in terms of frame count, but it doesn't have any ink on it. Always a trade-off with me.

For the record, the girl in frame seven is not based on anyone in particular.


Any blog post whose title contains a reference to quantum leap deserves a congratulatory comment. Thank you.

I know! Everytime I read the title I feel the need to finish the statment in my head. Now I will finish it online:

And hoping each time that his next leap, will be the leap home!

Sorry. I love Quantum Leap

But then it makes me sad becuase he never did leap home. Instead he lept inot a bar where God was the bartender. Who knew God wanted you to drink so much?

I had originally envisioned a Quantum Leap ending for I Fought the Law, with Kam leaping through time into another body after graduation.

The ending of the TV series was definitely disappointing. Definitely a whimper as opposed to a bang. But he did leap home earlier in the series. Remember? The electroshock therapy made him switch places with Al and he remembered that he had a wife, then conveniently forgot about her again once he went back to leaping?

That is some great comic strippery!

Come to think of, it that future seemed kind of boreing. It would be anti-climactic if he did go to that boreing Lego-land future. I'd rather see him go and swap juices with the evil leaper. Now thats an ending I can cheer for.

I don't think the whole future was supposed to be boring. Remember, they all lived out in the desert, where Project Quantum Leap was built. Deserts are always boring, even in the future. And he did have that cool holography driver's license when he was in God's bar.

I have to admit: I hated the QL ending for IFTL. I'm much more supportive of Big Fancy Lawyers. Matt informed me last night that my job is to be "unconditionally confident" in him right now; fortunately, that applies only to the Bar, and not to managerial decisions regarding his characters.

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