And Wednesday, and Thursday. On Friday, the drinking.

The extra exclamation points were for emphasis. So was the capitalization.

And this is the image that's going to be in my head the whoooooole time:


Good luck to you, and here's hoping there is a question involving the manufacture of crystal meth along with either a conspiracy or an insanity defense. I know you won't drop the ball on that one.

Good luck to you also. And to all the would-be lawyers who read this here blog.

Good luck Matt! I'll be sending as much good vibes and mojo and all the other good shit your way.

Good luck, Matt!!! Now I'm going to have that image in my head the whole time, too...

Good luck with that drinking stuff. Bar exam pun, anyone?

The drinking, ah, the drinking...

Best of luck, blow the doors off the place!!!

break a leg!

WIN, Matt. Just win.

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