We Bought a Picnic Table!


It came with a car attached to it!

Big day yesterday. Molly and I purchased our first major piece of community property: a 2005 Honda CRV. Thanks to a great deal of tireless and fabulous research and hardballing, Molly found us the best deal in the Bay Area. So long, Corrolla, hello CRV. We're now a certifiable Honda Family (my Civic, which we'll be keeping for a while, is being nuzzled by its new cousin in that picture). We figured the new car was appropriate since Molly will be commuting from Palo Alto to Oakland five days a week for the next year. Which brings us to Big Item From Yesterday #2:

We found an apartment in Palo Alto! It's not as fancy as it might be, since I may be clerking next year and we therefore need to save money in anticipation of a year of federal employee salary. But it's slightly larger than our current place, and has a pool and a fitness center, and a common rec room for our inevitable housewarming party. It's right across the street from a park. Not that we're having kids anytime soon, but hey. A park!

These are exciting times.


Wow. Wow. and Wow!
When do you move to PaloAlto?

October 8th is our official move-in date. We probably won't be fully moved out of Alameda until closer to the tenth.

What might clarify the photo jokes in this post is to say that the CRV has a picnic table built into the floor of the cargo area. So we didn't just randomly include the picnic table- it had relevance!

Awesome! You've come full circle from that first date and car crash. It's really too bad you couldn't wait for the anniversary.

The car comes with a picinic table? standard? you have to pay extra for floor mats. but they'll throw in the table that you'll never use because there'll always be stuff on top for free?

Yeah, when you open up the rear door, you can pull up the floor covering and there's a picnic table clasped into the floor of the rear compartment. It's standard on all CRV models. The floormats were actually standard as well. We didn't have to pay extra for them.

Congrats on all the happy change! On a random note, my Property professor looks just like Meli! Meli, are you a law professor on the side? (That's how Matt did so well...).


Actually, one of Matt's classmates was married to a Boalt professor. Uncool!

Congratulations on your new picnic table.

Congratulations on the new apartment and car. Where in Palo Alto will you be, neighbor?

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