I Think I Just Helped Someone Say Something Negative About Corporate America


I'm standing here in the Market Street CompUSA's "Surf, shuffle, and chill" lounge (greetings, by the way, from the Market Street CompUSA's "Surf, shuffle, and chill" lounge) killing time before a clerkship interview that I have in about an hour. Just now, a young Asian woman starting looking around the lounge as if she had lost something. Finally she caught my attention and said, "Excuse me, I want to take a picture of not always so with your tie." I wasn't sure what she meant by this, but I'm in an agreeable mood and I like having my picture taken so I agreed.

I noticed that she was carrying a large piece of posterboard with "Not always so" written on it, and I wondered how that was going to fit in front of my tie. Before I had the chance to ask, she pulled a smaller version of the poster board out of a bag, handed it to me, and told me to hold it in front of my tie. I smiled as she got her camera out, but she said "I won't shoot your face." Hrmph.

I asked her what all this was for after she took the picture and she said (as if I couldn't have guessed) "An art project." So, if you're at a museum or gallery or whatever in the future and see an exhibit called "Not Always So," look for the picture with the freckly hand and the blue and silver tie. Because that's me!


Darn! You were in the City and interviewing close by on a Thursday that my school happens to have free beer and I didn't even know it until now.

Yes, I thought about looking for you when I passed by Hastings, but I figured that it's a relatively big place and you may not even have classes that day. I forgot about the beer, though. Darn indeed.

Hopefully there'll be more interviews and more opportunities to pilfer free beer.

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