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I posted two more strips. One is observational humor at its unrefinest, the other is based on a true story. Well, they're both based on true stories, but I just want to make it clear that, earlier this week, a paralegal that I had never met before introduced herself into my world by pelting me with jellybeans from outside my office. The following day she accosted me in the parking lot by knocking on my window just as I had parked and pretending to be a CHP officer. When I told her that she needed mirror shades instead of the peach-tinted aviator shades she was wearing, she pulled out a butter knife and tried to stab me in the throat. Then we had a laugh and shared an ice cream soda.

And here I thought I had picked the less wacky firm.


Dude! That means she likes you!

Also, the strip version of the jellybean girl is pretty hot. Or hawt, even. I want her to be a new recurring character.

Kam and her should have romantic tension, and then when he's going to ask her out, your blond character (forgot her name) gets jealous and maybe there's a love triangle for awhile and then Kam and the blond one finally get together.

I like that the paralegal has a boy haircut w/ a slightly fem' flare; very sassy.

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