This is Why Dr M Sometimes Doesn't Kiss Me in the Morning


Steve just sent me this story, which is severely sad.*

The timeline doesn't really make sense, though. The kiss happened over the weekend, she was given an adrenaline shot "almost immediately," and she died on Wednesday? It looks like something went wrong with the medical treatment. In other words, this isn't like the second opening sequence in X-Men. Acute allergic reactions, I've always been told, are easily treatable if addressed in time.

*I've been checking myself throughout the morning, but didn't catch this on my own. The fact that the lead story is "PEAPLE ARE SHOPPING FOR GIFTS ON TEH INTERNRTON!!!!111111" has forced me to leave the page in disgust before seeing any below-the-fold stories.


I love me some PB on my toast every morning. EVERY morning at work. It's the best way to start a day.

Do you put butter (or some kind of buttery substitute) under the peanut butter, or just the peanut butter by itself?

I saw this and I thought of you. I almost sent it to you but I figured you would find out about it soon if you hadn't already.

This is why it's important for people like you to talk incessantly about your peanut allergy so people around you know to exercise caution.

Dr M just takes the peanut butter straight-up. No regular butter or butter substitute. She's hardcore like that.

This is my problem with peanut butter on toast: by itself, the peanut butter is gluey and frustrating and makes for unsatisfying toast. With butter or a butter-like substance, it suddenly becomes too greasy and completely inedible.

So, see, where toast is concerned, you're not missing much with the allergy business.

I could not disagree more. I love the heartiness of the PB in the morning. I like how the protein kick-starts my day, and the creaminess doesn't make me feel like I'm missing out on something yummy that I could be happening. Creaminess counts for a lot, in my book. I have it on whole-wheat sourdough, so I feel good about the whole wheat while enjoying the taste of the sour. Now, I would always prefer some nice scrambled eggs, or oatmeal, to the PB toast; but for a meal on the go, it's the best.

I also like almond butter on toast. So I've got that going.

I can't argue with the tastiness of the peanut butter. It's only the consistency that I'm complaining about. Perhaps the problem is a lack of milk; without an appropriate washer-down a bite of peanut butter and bread turns into The Forever Mouthful.

Wasn't The Forever Mouthful a folk band in the 70s?

I think the main thing to take away from this story is that Canadian math has something to hide.

"Canadian figures were not immediately available."

Either that or there aren't enough uppity peanut allergics in Canada to force the government to keep track of these things.

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