New Years on the Peninsula


New strip, over there, no individual page, considering those annoying #-tags, but those probably wouldn't work since the position would change as the images load. You'll also notice that I've gone back to hand-lettering. As much as I hate doing the dialog by hand, I haven't found a way to type it without the result looking like ass.

Molly and I stayed in on New Years Eve, had some cheese and champagne, and watched a Kathy Griffin special on Bravo, just like the strip says. Molly knows I hate Kathy Griffin, so she offered to tape it so we could watch the Twilight Zone marathon instead, but I told her I'd rather she just watched it since I didn't want a durable recording of Kathy Griffin in the house.

I've discovered that my ability to consume 2/3 of a bottle of champagne without any ill effects is substantially lessened when I also consume a block of brie the size of my fist. Good to know for next year.

And today, we had the big tree event. After the bulldozer was done I saw that it was actually two trees what fell over, which is twice as bad as one tree. Think of the poor homeless squirrels.


Do you actaully own/wear a robe?

Yes, and yes, as I got him a new pretty navy blue terrycloth one for his birthday.

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