55 Fiction Friday: Central American Edition


Since nobody seems to be interested in discussing the death penalty (and people complain that I don't talk enough law on this blog), I'll go ahead an introduce a new feature: 55 Fiction Friday. This is a feature that I'm proudly hoarking from Maisnon, who has graciously granted permission for said hoarking.

In honor of Allen's visit to the U.S., I'm basing my first 55 Fiction on my favorite photo from his Latin American adventures. Consistent with my general hackery, the best 20% of the words in my story come from somewhere else.

Anyway, here it is:

In the fading twilight we found it. A humble cabin deep in the jungle, desperate to keep its secrets hidden. For better or worse, our journey would end here.

We saw a sign on the front porch. A warning written in crude, rigid letters:

"Close The Door
Keep Monkey Out"

Ominously, the door was open.


LOVE IT!!! Excellent debut - can't wait for next week!!

I didn't comment on the death penalty thing becuase I agreed with all of it. I only post political commentary when it will offend people personally.

And the short story is nice too.


One A.M., no moon.
Door open, we're still outside.
We can't sleep out here.

"You go in." "No, you!"
Whispered fears raise our voices.
A noise from within.

"Who goes there?!?" A light
suddenly shines through windows.
The tenant is home.

We cower, hiding.
Instinctively, we fear him.
He, a mortal foe.

"Foiled again!" we screech.
Tonight, we're left with no choice:
Chimps will sleep outdoors.

I know it cheats because it relies on readers having read your story, but, well, consider it a fanfic sequel...in haiku.

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