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I'm going to try to add another weekly feature to this here blog. Every Wednesday I'll try to post something substantially law-related, in an effort to justify the use of the term "Law" in the blog title as well as my unsolicited membership in numerous "blawg" blogrolls.

This new feature will start next week, because this post is not substantive. Rather, it's an announcement of yet another handful of new blog links, all of which are... law related! There are, simply put, a dickload of legal blogs out there, so I've tried to pick a representative sample, at least sticking with ones that I'm somewhat familiar with. I will now write a few words about each one. I'm too lazy to add HTML tags, so you'll just have to use the list.

Expressio Unius: This blog belongs to a fellow member of the Boalt Class of 2005, who is currently practicing law in Our Nation's Capital. As I write this his latest post is about a subject covered at length by Sean's stand-up routine.

Lack of Scienter: The latest blog incarnation of the woman who brought us "A Girl Walks Into a Bar Exam," which did more to bring law bloggers together than anything in the history of the written word.

LawGeek: The blog of EFF lawyer and Boalt/BTLJ alumus Jason Schultz. A great resource for law and technology stuff.

Legal Insanity: She links to me and has commented here, and I'm belatedly linking to her. She seems nice.

The Life and Times of Chai: Ditto.

How Appealing: Self-explanatory, for those of us looking to escape the drudgery of trial-level litigation.

MODern Life: A bunch of people from the Class of 2005 Mod 7 got together and made a blog. I wasn't in Mod 7 (as I may have mentioned, I had to transfer to Boalt as a second-year, and was therefore without benefit of 1L Mod, though my fellow transfer students got together and formed "Mod-T," a project that had such fervor that I'm surprised we didn't think of this), but a bunch of my friends were and they're good people.

Objective Justice: Another long overdue link-back. God, I'm a jerk.

SCOTUS Blog: For those of us looking to escape the drudgery or trial-level litigation AND the egotism of appellate advocacy.

3rd Attempt: We're pullin' for you, buddy.

Underneath Their Robes: A really, really strange site run by a self-proclaimed federal judicial starfucker who is still masquerading as an anonymous woman despite having identified HIMSELF publicly in November. Visit this site regularly to learn more about various federal judges than any human being should ever know.

Volokh Conspiracy: A blog masterminded by UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh (who has twice told me how much he likes my comic strips!) and a gaggle of bloggers from legal academia. It tends to be a kitchen with too many chefs, and the posts range from thoughtful, high-minded legal observations to naked partisan grandstanding.


Matt, I can almost garantee you right now that I will never, ever want to visit a law blog other than yours. Take that as you will.

Thanks for the shout-out. I fully expect MODerniT, the Mod T blawg, to be up and running within the week.


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