A new strip is up, and it features an extra special guest appearance. And Jessica Alba! The role of Jessica Alba is played by Maggie Grace.

Mad props to the first person to spot the two glaring plot holes in this comic strip. This excludes inconsistencies based on my poor drawing skills, such as the missing right side of Claudio's hair and Jessica's mercurial figure.


There's nothing at all wrong with that cartoon lady's figure.

Plot holes:

1. If Claudio was doing the contracts, he would not be surprised by the revelation that the client was Jessica Alba.

2. Claudio would never break up with a fine cartoon lady like that.

You got one of them, Sean.

If I had more space I would explain that Claudio was hoping to give the contracts to his superior outside the presence of the client (hence "I was just about to bring them to you"), and that his horror arises from the fact that Jessica showed up in his office. But as it stands I look like a fool.

also, are jessica alba's monstrously large lips on a union-mandated vacation or what?

I hate this strip, not because it is bad, but because it is making me want to re-watch the horrible horrible series Dark Angel on DVD. thanks, holohan. for nothing.

Why would the superior attorney bring a big important client like Jessica into a peon contract attorney's office instead of wining and dining her alone and passing off the ingenious work as his own? But I agree with Sean, what kind of moron would break up with Jessica Alba... or at least pass up sleeping with her again.

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