Eight-Letter Word for "Type of Orange"


I'm a beautiful, blonde, up-and-coming actress who made her breakthrough on the hit television series Lost. I also recently starred in a remake of a cult horror classic. Who am I?


I shall never forget that 8 letter type of orange joke as long as I shall live.

[ ][a][ ][ ][ ][ ][i][ ]

hugely distorted child face: "miss, do you want to play with me?"

"superman!?!?! SUPERMAN?!?!??!?"

"they're IN THE FOG!"

I get the child face and the fog, but what the hell is the Superman reference? Is that from one of the movies?

i couldn't remember the name of the guy that plays superman on the WB show smallville who's in that movie with her. she yells it a lot in the fog though. maybe it was tom.

Ah. I just remember thinking that the guy looked a lot like Boone from Lost, which was really strange.

mmmmm, incest...

Now, now, they were STEP-siblings, and therefore it was totally okay that time they had sex on Lost. Besides, they were in Australia when it happened, and in Australia anything goes.

for australia, as everyone knows, is odorless, tasteless, and dissolves instantly into liquid.

Sleeping with your step-sister is fine in Australia. You just have to give it to her counter-clockwise, since you're south of the equator.

You've got your photos mismatched, no?

The girl on the left is not the girl on the right.

Unless that's the joke you're going for. Because honestly, I don't get what a mandarin has to do with either of them.

Danny - The point is that Maggie Grace and Emilie di Raven are both beautiful blonde actresses who starred on Lost and went on to star in shlock horror remakes - Maggie Grace was in "The Fog," and Emilie di Raven is in "The Hills Have Eyes."

Mandarin, you say? Or is it... valencia?

True story.

as an australian, i find offense at some of the comments. I'll have you know I am not related to my husband in any way, shape or form! And no, not 'anything goes' here!

The Guy From The Fog is Tom Welling, She's Emilie de Ravin. well the One On the Left. Im sure that other chicks on into the blue...never mind.

Oii Don't Dis Australia. im From New zealand. If your gona mock anything about insect then the southern states of the US. not Australia.

there are a lot of insects in the deep south. that is true. cicadas. maybe some fireflies.

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