Lethal Vapours

One of the many lousy things about having your building fumigated is that if you forget something when you move out for two days, there's no way to go back and get it without dying. This is particularly irksome if you're adorably absent-minded like me.

Here is a list of what I've forgotten. Actually, this is a list of what I realize I've forgotten up until now:

(1) My raincoat
(2) My iPod
(3) The biography of Hugo Black that I've been reading intermittently
(4) My handkerchief*
(5) My hair gel

I'd also like to say that, surprisingly, the cats didn't seem to enjoy being driven to the vet yesterday and locked in a metal cage. The fact that they're sharing a cage and have a blanket don't seem to be significantly sweetening the deal for them, at least not as of yesterday at about 3:00 (when I went to visit them). The vet assured me that by today they'd be right at home. We'll have to see.

*The handkerchief is strictly for glasses-cleaning purposes, lest you think me some sort of nose-blowing dandy.

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