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[Editor's Note: This is a very self-indulgent post. Moreso than usual even.]

My aunt just mailed me a bunch of photos that she found while going through some things. Meli and I are currently in disagreement about which of the following two photos of me is the more entertaining photo. What do you think?

Candidate #1: "Heed"

This photo has several things going for it. Aside from the obvious follicular advantages, this image clearly shows a level of discomfort and lack of self-confidence that very few three-year-olds possess, but that would haunt me for the rest of my days. At least until now.

Candidate #2: "Young Matt on a Horse with Fake Legs"

Again, there are plenty of obvious advantages to this photo as well. It also illustrates the inescapable truth that redheads should never wear red, regardless of how young and otherwise adorable. The absurd red cowboy outfit teamed up with my ruddy toddler complexion to make me look like a zombie.

And as an added bonus, here's a photo of my parents in Bermuda in 1975. I really wish my dad still had that suit.


#1!#1! You should have been a neighbor kid on TV!

The hari makes you look like a young Barton Fink.

Oh god, I love when blogs make me laugh out loud. #1 for sure.

#1 is my new background image, replacing the previous desktop image of Holohan's childhood Christmas. My co-workers are going to think I'm dangerously obsessed with red-haired chidlren.

#2 made me laugh more, but also made me sadder. #1 is much more upbeat.

So, Matt, about your mom. Is she available?

You people are crazy- #2 is clearly more amusing! The piping on the hat! The fact that the hat won't fit over his gigantic infant cranium! The hankerchief! The fact that he's holding the pommel!

You are crazy, insane people who like redfro's, and none of you are my friends anymore.

I love #1, especially the redfro, but #2 is hilarious for the fact that your head is exactly the same shape as it is today, and that haircut looks mighty familiar as well!

I go for #1, too - it's definitely the amazing redfro. I love it! (sorry, meli)

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